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Are you ready to join thousands of other players from all over Africa in the continent's hottest free football game? Here's how it works:

1. Create your own player profile, and level up through the leagues.
2. Train every day by playing fun games to boost your stats.
3. Build your collection of other real players, and pick the best for your own team.
4. Play virtual matches every day aginst other players at your level.
5. Boost your performance by doing real excerise, and logging it in the game!

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You are about to join thousands of people playing Afica's hottest football game. All for free!


Create and level up your own player card.


Select from thousands of player cards, and pick the best for your team.


Pit your team against real opponents in free online matches.


Play fun training games to levelup.


Use Google Fit to boost your performance by doing real exercise.

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